SortIQ offers a blend of services including research, coding, design, engagement, and recruiting.

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We are a hybrid comapny with roots in community engagement, software development and staffing. We change gears just like you do when it is time to recruit and hire or develop software. Three key things set us apart from other recruiters and your own team: 1) our vertical focus is software (and tech generally, but to a lesser extent), 2) our depth of experience in recruiting, engagement and software development, and 3) our depth of focus on developing local talent. We have also spent decades sorting out who is who, building software and engaging communities for dozens of teams like yours.

Our committment to tech begins with our pledge to developers: we will be considerate of your time and circumstances, your work environment, your role in the community (and ours), and most of all the actual technical aspects of what you do will not be taken lightly. In many cases we work with the developer community and employers to allocate a portion of our service fees or profit toward professional development, toward open source projects, toward developer education, to the developer community, or a mix of related options.

We work with a diverse group of organizations that are startups, brands, colleges and consulting firms. Some are distributed teams while others are all under one roof. Eight of our startup customers were able to exit with our help.

Sectors we have touched are more than industry categories. We have substantial consumer internet, B2B, and mobile product and team building experience. We are operators and foot soldiers. One efforts have included building teams and products that help inner city communities, college students, online consumers, veterans, and even the White House.

We are also your Northern Virginia and DC neighbors. Between coffee with customers and people we are recruiting for them we are cyclcing on the W&OD, Custis or Mt. Vernon trail, hiking around Great Falls, or at meetup or developer conference. We are not programmed sales people pushing cookie cutter ideas.

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